The Story

The Esztány trademark design is inspired from traditional local flared skirts.

Pleated skirts open up with the swirl of dance, they unfold and extend to fully display their beauty. Much the same way, István Esztány designed practical and adaptable, yet stylish bags using this structure: the bags are flat when at rest, and they grow in size to accommodate their content.

The Appreciation

Hungarian Design Award – Student category 

The modern spin-off on the traditional design was very well received, and the Committee’s evaluation was flattering: “These articles are the result of a design process reinterpreting original folk motifs. They are a flagship for excellence based on their technological and functional traits (extensible pleated shape, combination of alternative materials). As a positive aspect, they can be manufactured using recycled materials.” Design Award, 2011

The “Flared Bag” collection received the finalist award at the Design Award organised by

Customers’ Award

Since 2010, Esztány sold over 4000 handmade leather handbags, backpacks and accessories all across the globe, in Romania, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, USA and more. We are honoured by and thankful for the beautiful relationship we have built with each and every one of our loyal customers throughout the years.

The Products

The pleated design is common to all our handmade leather goods: form various types of handbags and shoulder bags to wallets, money belts, travel bags, laptop backpacks, and more to come. 
Apart from their special design, what sets Esztány leather goods apart is the creative use of colors. The colorful bags are a real treat for the eyes, bringing joy and inspiration for the entire day.
All Esztány products are handcrafted with great care and attention to detail. We use only the finest colored leather imported from Italy, and every stitch is a seal of timeless quality.